The Dollhouse Diet

the dollhouse diet always overthinking it

the dollhouse diet

It’s officially bikini season and that means I’m on the hunt for the newest diet. But this year, I created my own: The Dollhouse Diet. The Dollhouse Diet will be the newest diet craze to sweep the nation. What’s this new soon-to-be-diet fad, you ask? It’s the cutest form of portion control you’ve ever seen. Everybody loves tiny things (insert penis joke here. Get it? I said insert). I mean, have you seen this video of a tiny hamster eating a tiny burrito?

Just look at that tiny carrot (see photo, above). It’s almost too cute to eat, right? On The Dollhouse Diet, you’ll get to eat tiny food ALL DAY. Your regular knife will cut that carrot into unsightly, mangled slices… not perfectly even, gorgeous, miniature slices. So, feel free to buy tiny knives, plates and cups fit for a dollhouse. OK, let’s talk about how the diet actually works.

Benefits of the diet:

Portion Control

Obviously, because the vegetables are so tiny, you will be forced to eat reasonable amounts of food. By the time you’ve carefully sliced your tomatoes, gingerly added miniature balls of mozzarella and specks of basil to your caprese salad, your stomach will have eaten itself and you’ll need less amounts of salad. Plus, in order to get entirely full, you’ll have to make approximately seven million caprese salads and ain’t nobody got time for that. You’ll probably call it quits around the 1,560th caprese salad and your dishwasher will thank you (since you’re the dishwasher, because your automatic dishwasher would lose all those tiny plates).

No Restrictions

You want a tiny banana split? Go for it? You want a cookie? Bake away! You might want to dig into your kids’ toy sets to find that miniature mixer (do they actually have miniature playset mixers? I’d like one) in order to whip up that carrot cake. If you don’t have a tiny mixer, grate your carrot over your contact case, carefully sprinkle some flour, sugar, cinnamon, baking soda, salt — and that tiny robin’s egg you stole from the nest outside (good work!) and mix away. You’ll have to get crafty to create a baking dish, but tin foil will work in a pinch. Bonus: You won’t have to wait long for your carrot cake to bake! Using some cream cheese specks you found from scraping the remains from your neighbor’s recycled cream cheese tub, whip up some frosting. Using a tiny whisk, add some sprinkles of powdered sugar and a few drops of vanilla extract to create the frosting of your dreams — you can even lick the whisk, don’t hold back.

This diet is all about changing the way you interact with food. It’s so easy to get into the mindless habit of slicing, dicing and chopping that we hardly pay attention to what food we’re actually eating. The Dollhouse Diet changes that. Because you’re forced to slow down and use things like tweezers, tiny knives and eyedroppers, you’ll get to appreciate what food you’re really putting into your mouth. People have become such mindless eaters these days, shoveling handfuls of chips and dip into their mouths, followed by an entire brownie. Some people even “eat their feelings,” which is a disgusting habit where sad people who hate themselves eat foods such as ice cream, chicken wings or In-N-Out burgers until they can no longer feel, or move. Others prefer to “drink their feelings,” which is where they consume massive amounts of alcohol in order to no longer feel, thus forgetting for a moment about their sad, pathetic lives and the fact that they’re probably fat.

Speaking of drinking your feelings, alcohol is allowed on this diet. But, you must drink your wine out of a tiny wine glass — and why would you miss an opportunity to use a tiny glass anyway? Using an eyedropper, measure out microscopic amounts of liquid into your miniature wine glass. Drink away! You’ll be able to drink Ned from the office under the table. Did you say six glasses of wine? Try 16,000!


The Dollhouse Diet will save you thousands of dollars! Everybody needs to save money these days, thanks to the economy — and the best way to save is by eating less. Because there is (sadly) no such thing as cows the size of a nickel, this diet means you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on steak — only hundreds of pennies. If you feel silly asking your local meat guy for a dime-sized portion of that bison steak, do what I do: Go to your local fast food joint. Bring your tweezers and some vials to pick the tiny food specks out of the wrappers from people’s discarded hamburgers. If you’re eating food scraps from your neighbor’s recycling, or meat from your local fast-food joint, you’re obviously going to be able to use your portion of your paycheck on what really matters: Netflix.

If you want to save even more money — and have a hand in where your food comes from — you could grow your tiny vegetables yourself in a window box. If a window box isn’t available to you as an option (because you’re lazy), ask your local farmer’s market if they can spare some premature vegetables for you. They might even give them to you for free! If that doesn’t work, lots of fancy restaurants are using tiny vegetables as a garnish on their dishes, so just go into a restaurant and ask diners if you can take their garnishes. People always push the garnish aside anyway (I’m looking at you parsley), so the diners shouldn’t mind at all.

The Dollhouse Diet is cheap, healthy and will get you into your bikini in no time. Plus, you get to look at tiny vegetables all day. Really, what more could you ask for?

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The Tee Shirt Dress Is Amazing

tee shirt dress always overthinking it

the tee shirt dress is amazing

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to know it’s hard to eat healthy on the road. At least, not without access to a kitchen/fridge of some sort. While B and I typically snack for lunches for the sake of convenience and price, we usually end up eating breakfast and dinner at a restaurant. Basically what I’m saying is: There are times I’ve wished muumuus were back in style (if they were ever in style?) so I could continue eating In N Out milkshakes all day, every day. Enter the tee shirt dress.

When I first saw the tee shirt dress, my first thought was, “Yeah, I would look good in a potato sack if I lost 30 pounds.” Who looks good in these dresses? Models, that’s who. Unnnnless you cinch it. So when a friend of mine gave me her old tee shirt dress with a tie in the middle, I finally saw the light. You can give yourself just enough structure to not look like a linebacker and still hide that burrito baby you had at lunch.

women's shirt dresses always overthinking it

1. I realize this dress contradicts everything I just said up there about potato sackness, but it’s $18 and if you tie a cute ribbon around the waist, you’d be good to go. Get it here.

2. This $30 shirt dress has pockets. PLEASE PUT POCKETS IN MORE DRESSES, CLOTHING PEOPLE! Ahem. From here.

3. I love everything about this $20 dress and I want one in every color. Buy yours here.

4. I’m not typically a fan of patterns because I feel like I’m loud enough as it is, but I like this $16 one. Get one here.

5. This $40 dress looks comfortable and adorable, a fantastic combination. Plus, it counts as business casual right? Whatever, I want one. Buy one here.

6. This $45 dress kind of looks like a romper and a kimono all rolled into one and I think that’s fantastic. I want one. From here.

7. Yes, please, dress that’s on sale for $60. Just don’t wear it with a denim jacket. Or do. Yolo. On sale here.

8. I really want to buy six of these $98 dresses, but I’m pretty sure B would kill me. Or make me return them, fine. Get one (or six) here.

Happy Friday! Do you guys have any fun plans? B and I still haven’t figured out a place to stay for the weekend, so there’s that.

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9 thoughts on “the tee shirt dress is amazing”

    1. The Dose of Reality

      I have several of these myself, and I have to agree with you…they are the PERFECT summer wear! LOVE the ones you chose here! :)-Ashley

        1. Tara Post author

          Yay! Glad you agree, Ashley!


    1. Alison

      So very pretty! I love dresses, and I love tee shirts, so enmeshed into one? Yes please!

    1. Robin Jingjit

      I had a long dress (I don’t know what to call it. Like a maxi skirt plus a tube top in one) that was so cute until you put it on. (I got it at a clothing swap where you couldn’t try anything on. ) Anyway it looked awful. Until I tied a ribbon around the waist. I felt like I had discovered a law of science and womanhood when I figured that out. Now I love it.

      I loved the line about not wearing the Jean jacket with the denim dress. What is with ironic fashion like jean on jeans??

        1. Tara Post author

          Ugh, that’s the worst! I hate when I can’t try stuff on — especially dresses. But your ribbon idea is genius!! I totally felt like I’d discovered a law of science and womanhood too! Haha I love that, it’s seriously so true — I was like why didn’t anyone ever tell me this??

          The Canadian tuxedo! I don’t know, I think the hipster movement is taking over. I have to admit, I have seen some cute outfits that were jean on jean, but yeah, ironic fashion is the new thing. You’re too funny. 🙂

    1. Brittney

      I like number 8 the best—it seems that it drapes nicely and I like tie waists that are sewn in. I have a selection of thin, cute belts just for the occasion when a potato sack needs to be fixed up a little 😛

      Another Beautiful Thing

        1. Tara Post author

          Number 8 is my favorite too!

          Haha good! I need to stock up on some cute belts (or at least some pretty ribbon!).

    1. Kate

      I love a good tshirt dress but I always think they need a ribbon or belt. You’re right!

        1. Tara Post author

          Definitely a ribbon or belt! 🙂

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A List Of Smells

a list of smells

I have a really sensitive nose. I hate perfume and cologne and can smell things that most people can’t. Which can be awesome or really annoying, depending where you are. If we have citrus fruit in our house, I can smell it going bad before B can. Once he brought home a buddha’s hand and we had to throw it away because it was too overwhelming for me.

Anyway,  I got the idea for this post from Robin at subtracting additives. I agree that smells can trigger so many things. Here are some of my favorites. I feel a little guilty because I stole a few from her-but they really are my favorite!

1. The smell of a wood stove fire. It reminds me of winter and snow, both of which I love. Also, it just smells like comfort.

2. Fresh laundry. At our apartment right now there isn’t laundry and we have been sending it out. The place we go to uses very very unscented laundry soap. I miss the smell of laundry with my soap and my dryer sheets-I know dryer sheets are bad, but I can’t help loving teh scent. Our laundry smelled amazing.

3. Books. Every time I buy a new book, I love sticking my nose in the crack and smelling it (that’s what he said). Even books I have owned for awhile I smell, too. But nothing beats the smell of a brand new book that hasn’t had the spine broken in.

4. Lilac. At my house growing up in Idaho we had these tall lilac bushes that reached all the way to the second floor kitchen window. I actually didn’t mind washing dishes in the summer because I could open the window and smell the tree while I stood there.

5.The cherry flavored ChapStick. It smells like my mom. I have one tube that I smell when I really really really miss her. I don’t actually use it, I just smell it. She used to bring it skiing when I was younger and it always reminds me of her.

6. B. He uses this hair stuff that smells like beeswax and I love it. It smells like home.

7. Fresh bread baking in the oven.

8. Ponderosa pine trees that smell like vanilla. I know I look crazy when I’m walking through a forest smelling trees, but I don’t care. It’s worth it. Some of them smell way stronger, especially after a huge lightning storm.

9. The smell right after it rains. Everything just smells so fresh.

10. Almond extract. I put it in my sugar cookie frosting though, so I could just be associating it with eating sugar cookies. But I do smell it every time I open the jar.

What smells do you love? Or hate. Maybe you hate these smells!

12 thoughts on “a list of smells”

    1. yourfriendrobin

      I love everything you listed! Lilacs were on my list, but got bumped by something. The only one I didn’t like from yours was almost- had it been vanilla or mint, I’d be thinking you and I somehow share a brain/nose.

        1. tara

          Haha I almost put vanilla! I smell that one too whenever I use it 🙂

    1. Bee

      I agree with pretty much everything on your list, but #3!!! I buy most of my books on Kindle now, but I still love the smell of books — especially at a used book store! Hubs made slow-cooker chili over the weekend. That smelled really good, too!

        1. tara

          That makes sense. I am jealous of people who have a Kindle because they’re so much cheaper than buying books brand new, and sometimes I don’t have the patience to wait to check them out from the library if all the copies are checked out.

          Ooooh slow cooked anything is almost always to die for!!

    1. The Dose of Reality

      I react very strongly to smells, too. I cannot STAND scented candles. I can’t even walk by a Yankee Candle store without feeling sick. I have a friend that bought me a scented candle for every occasion because she was SURE I just needed to find the ONE that worked for me. NOPE…I just can’t with that!! –Lisa

        1. tara

          Oh my god scented candles are the worst!!! They are WAY too strong, and always really gross flavors. How funny that your friend was convinced she could change your mind! 🙂

    1. Ms. Magpie

      I think all women have more sensitive noses than men – there are some things I won’t allow in our house. I can’t handle the smell of canned tuna. Even if someone ate it 2 days ago, washed the dishes, and threw away the can, I can still smell it.

      I love the smell of lemons, garlic, vanilla, coffee, black pepper, curry powder – anything that smells like food cooking, go figure.

      And I totally agree about the scented candles. Most of them are awful. Sometimes I burn them around Christmas, but I can’t go anywhere near those candle stores or BB&Beyond. They make my eyes burn.

        1. tara

          Haha oh man tuna smells so strong!

          Those are all good ones. I almost included garlic and coffee.

          Ugh, BB&Beyond or any candle store is awful! Or The Body Shop! They make my eyes burn too!

    1. Xae Nafew

      Tara, I am so glad someone else who has a sensitive nose. When Nafew smells stuff, I’m usually gasping for air. You have a great list here but I ave to agree with Bee, I like the smell of old books.

        1. tara

          Hahah same here! Sometimes it makes me feel crazy when I can smell things that others can’t.

          Old books are awesome. I just like the smell of books in general.

    1. Shoko

      what a great list! i love all of these things, too – i’d also add pine (reminds me of christmas), plumeria, and butter. of course butter.

        1. tara

          Oooh those are good ones!

          Mmmm butter

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Airplane Travel Can Totally Suck Sometimes

airplane travel can totally suck sometimes

So I learned something about myself after traveling back from Costa Rica: I can be a total bitch to travel with.

Let me clarify-I’m awesome and fun and adventurous and love exploring, but plane travel? Makes me so ragey. Like, I don’t know who took over my body because I’m so angry I could spit fire at you.

Here are 10 things that piss me off about airplane travel:

1. Having to be so damn early to the airport just to get through security and sit there.

2. Security. Seriously, people, get your shit out of your pockets and bags, take off your belt and shoes and put them in the damn tray and get out of my way. Have all of you slow people seriously never traveled before? Did you forget that we still have to take our shoes and jackets and basically everything but our underwear off to go through the metal detector? What is your deal?!

3. Having to wait for a “female assist” when I opt out of going through that death chamber. I do not go through that radiation bullshit. I’ll take the full stupid pat down. It’s fine. Just hurry the fuck up already. I know the assistants are slow on purpose to punish me, but come the fuck on. One time I had to wait twenty minutes when there was a female assistant standing two lanes over talking to her coworker. *@#$)@#($)@#($)(#@)%**%(&$#^(@$_!)

4. Getting on the plane and having to wait for that one asshole that sets his bag down and rifles through it while he finds whatever is so damn important he didn’t do it before. Instead, he takes his sweet time and blocks traffic and then doesn’t even seem to notice or care when we have to stand there shifting from foot to foot waiting impatiently.

5. The 100 pound girl with the 150 lb bag that requires a “big strong man” (barf) to come help her put it in the overhead. Pack a smaller bag, or check it. And also get out of my way before I throw you into your seat.

6. The person that leans their chair back even though it only gains them 3 inches of space and somehow makes me lose 12. If you do that to me, I will put my knees into your back for the entire flight or until you move it out of my way. (Yes, I’m an asshole).

7. Having to wait for the door to open when it’s time to get off. WHY does it take so damn long to open the door? I know that you saw the plane coming and at the very least heard from the cockpit that we were pulling up. Aren’t your prepared? Aren’t you sitting there watching the plane pull up ready with your controller to line up the door and then immediately open it?

8. The people who take their sweet assed time getting off the plane. I hate you. Unless you have kids, I hate you. If you put your bag in an overhead bin behind where your seat is, you have to wait until almost everyone else has gotten off the plane. Or you have to ask someone to hand it to you. Making me wait while you push against the flow of traffic to get your stupid Disneyland roller bag even though you are 25 makes me want to stab your eyes out. Get it beforehand or wait.

9. The people who walk slowly up the walkway from the plane. I want to get out of here! I’m claustrophobic and annoyed and don’t want to wait for you to shuffle out of my way. What if I’m running late between connections? Hurry up, people! Also, if you take up the entire walkway so I can’t pass you on the left, I will shoulder check you out of my way. And then have to wait for B at the top who is patiently walking behind all the old people.

10. Just having to wait, period. Once I’m off the plane, everything needs to go in fast forward or I need to go and scream at something. Even if it’s a wall. I’m getting annoyed writing this. Damn I really hate airplane travel. Maybe from now on I should take a boat or a car or a train. Any where that doesn’t force me to be in confined space with other assholes breathing their stink breath into my general area and also possibly farting.

So if you ever go on a vacation with me, I promise I will be awesome once we get to our said destination. But while we’re navigating the people in the airport, you might not want to associate with me.

It’s not just me, right?  Please tell me you get annoyed by stupid people at the airport too.

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6 thoughts on “airplane travel can totally suck sometimes”

    1. Xae Nafew

      I promise you’re not the only one. Some people act like it’s their first time. Every time!!
      I’ve never been that pissed but I am flying in a few weeks and now I’m a bit scared.

        1. tara

          Right?!?! Hahah don’t worry, I was also exhausted and it was midnight and I’m crazy 🙂 You’ll be fine.

    1. The Dose of Reality

      BWAH HA HA HA!!! I AM DYING!!! Oh my God, this is SO FUNNY! And SO TRUE. I nodded along so hard to all of them that I got a neck ache! Awesome in every way.-Ashley

        1. tara

          Hahaha thanks so much, Ashley!! I’m so relieved you agree!! 😀

    1. Emmett Katherine

      ha ha #8 is killing me! i hate flying and i just want to get off the damn plane as soon as it lands. i try to remain calm but people dwaddling in the aisles make me ragey too!!

        1. tara

          Hahah it’s the worst!! I almost lost it because they were taking FOREVER to open up the door and I was so tired and annoyed. And then people didn’t even have their bags! We were standing there for a good 10 minutes, so they had plenty of time!

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Ahi Tuna With Ginger-Shiitake Cream Sauce

ahi tuna with ginger shiitake cream sauce always overthinking it

ahi tuna with ginger-shiitake cream sauce

This is by far one of my favorite recipes that I have in my repertoire. We make it probably once a month, but would make it every other day if we could. It’s one of the easiest things in the world to make (I know you can do it, Lisa and Ashley!) It is also a really quick meal to make and takes about 10 minutes, not including the rice. Every time I make this, I convince myself that I could totally be a chef because it’s just that good. I hope you make this and love it as much as I do. It’s seriously amazing.

recipe adapted from here

2 6-oz tuna steaks, about 1 inch thick
2 tablespoons peanut or sesame oil

3 TB butter
1/3 cup sliced green onions
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
2 TB finely chopped peeled fresh ginger
4 garlic cloves, chopped
8 oz fresh shiitake mushrooms, stemmed, caps sliced
6 TB soy sauce
1.5 cups half and half

While prepping ingredients, make some white rice. I know that everybody eats brown rice because it is healthier, and I normally do too, but white rice just goes better with this. Kind of like how coffee tastes better with half and half instead of skim milk. But you can use brown. Just don’t tell me.

Heat peanut or sesame oil in heavy skillet over high heat. Sear 2 minutes, turn over and continue cooking to desired doneness (2 minutes for rare). Transfer to a cutting board.

In same skillet, add butter, green onions, cilantro, ginger and garlic and saute until fragrant, about 30 seconds. Mix in mushrooms and soy sauce and simmer 30 seconds. Add half and half and simmer about 3 minutes.

To serve, put rice on plates and top with sliced tuna. Pour sauce over. Devour.


I have made this with chicken and it is still delicious. Honestly, the sauce would be delicious without any meat/protein accompaniment. If you are a picky eater or have picky eaters, feel free to sub chicken or even pork. And if you have kids that somehow don’t like the sauce, then please invite me over so I can eat their portion.

ahi tuna with ginger shiitake cream sauce always overthinking it

12 thoughts on “ahi tuna with ginger-shiitake cream sauce”

    1. Ms. Magpie

      This looks delicious. I was going to make salmon tonight but now I’m rethinking it…

        1. tara

          Oh my god it’s amazing! Make it! Make it! 🙂

    1. Bee

      So glad this can be made with chicken! I’m not a big fan of fish, especially if it tastes like fish. =P Bookmarking.

        1. tara

          It’s pretty much good with anything.

          Although, ahi tuna is one of those rare types that DOESN’T taste like fish! Honestly, if you cook it longer instead of leaving it rare, it tastes like pork. But I guess it’s kind of silly to spend money on expensive tuna if you don’t like it…..:)

    1. The Dose of Reality

      I almost just ruined my keyboard by laughing after I took a drink of water, Tara!

      As I read the title I though, “Oh, man that sounds SO good.” Then I saw the picture and though, “Wow, it looks like it could be complicated.” Then with your first sentence that it was one of your favorite recipes I though,”I bet it’s totally beyond me” Then I scrolled down and saw all the ingredients and said, “Yep, I can’t do this. I’ll just have to read about it”

      THEN YOU GAVE ME A PERSONAL ASSURANCE that I could do it. Hahahahahaha! Oh, Tara! You are so funny!! I heart you so much!!

      I am totally going to make this with chicken this weekend. I want to have ONE recipe that makes me feel like a real chef. –Lisa

        1. tara

          Hahhaha I was TOTALLY thinking of you while I wrote this. I was like “she’s totally going to read this and be like yeah right I can’t make that!” But I know you can!! It’s super super easy, and it totally makes me feel like a chef. It’s sooooo good!!!

          I’m glad you didn’t ruin your keyboard though! 🙂 I heart you too!

    1. Xae Nafew

      I might make this with chicken. All we eat at home is tuna so I’ll pass on that 🙂

        1. tara

          Haha okay, fair enough 🙂

    1. yourfriendrobin

      Yum that looks good. Did you just make regular white rice? I love Japanese (pearl) rice for this kind of dish. Actually I just love Japanese rice no matter what, even if it’s just for fried rice. >_<

        1. tara

          We usually make basmati rice, it’s my favorite!! But Japanese rice sounds good! That’s the sticky rice, right? Like sushi rice? Or is it different….

        1. yourfriendrobin

          Yeah, I think it’s like sushi rice. It is sticky, but it’s not real sticky rice. At least not what we call sticky rice here.

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Ahhhh! My First Earthquake

ahhh! my first earthquake!

I felt my first earthquake you guys! Ever since I moved to LA, I wanted to feel a (teeny tiny) earthquake. Nothing crazy because duh, that’d be terrifying. A few nights I’ve sworn I felt a tiny one, but it was probably just a gigantic truck driving down our alley.

So this morning when I was having a hard time sleeping, I rolled over and yelled in my head “WHY CAN’T I FALL ASLEEP?!” and two seconds later the earthquake hit. The whole bed shook like crazy and B woke up as we lay there waiting for it to pass. And it was a 4.4! Luckily, nothing fell down or broke or anything crazy, which is a relief. That would be terrifying to be in an earthquake that’s so bad you couldn’t even get to a a doorframe or under the table. So now it’s time to move, right? 🙂

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4 thoughts on “ahhh! my first earthquake!”

    1. Xae Nafew

      Haha! I love it that you wanted to feel an earthquake but want to move as soon as you felt one!

        1. tara

          Hahah I actually thought it was really cool and would be excited to feel a tiny one again. But I’m just scared it will be a huge scary one! Have you ever been in an earthquake? I imagine where you live you get them fairly often, too right?

        1. Xae Nafew

          Noo…we don’t have earthquakes here at all. We felt it a little bit on the day of the Tsunami but I was alseep at the time and had no clue.

        1. tara

          Oh ok I thought you were an earthquake pro 🙂 A tsunami is way more terrifying than an earthquake (at least, to me, but I’ve never been in a tsunami, so…)

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Acronyms Are Stupid


acroynms are stupid

For the most part, that title is true. While there are times when an acronym is appropriate, (wtf is a personal favorite) I think they are overused and just complicate things. Like when I get an email at work and I have to google said acronym because I have no idea what the fuck you are trying to say.

For example:

At my work, we ordered some parts that came in with the dimensions slightly wrong. I emailed the people who had sent us said part with pictures to show the mistake. They emailed back and said some stuff blah blah blah and then said, “Let us know if you want to UAI.” Well wtf does UAI mean? Maybe you are smarter than I am and already know that UAI meant “Use as is.” But why can’t you just fucking type it? Does it really save you that much time? (Answer: no)

Anyway… I google. And come up with a fantastic list of acronyms for “UAI.” One of the items on the list was Unprotected Anal Intercourse. Another on the list is, of course, Use As Is. Mystery solved. I really wanted to email them back with my entire response as an acronym. Or get indignant about him accidentally offering to have butt sex with me. But then decided I value having a paycheck my job more and responded as a professional.

And just in case you were going to ask, I’m not up for any Unprotected Anal Intercourse.

(I was going to draw a picture, but all of the pictures to fit this post were super inappropriate. So I will just leave you with a picture of the list I found, courtesy of

5 thoughts on “acroynms are stupid”

    1. Jeni

      Ba ha ha!! I read this on my kindle in bed last night. I was laughing so hard I woke Lyle.

        1. tara

          Haha awesome! That is amazing (sorry Lyle)

    1. Anonymous

      acronyms are annoying, even “simple” ones like ATM or whatever. I’d much rather SPELL IT OUT because otherwise, it’s like learning a whole new language. The Acronym Language. Great blog!

        1. tara

          right?! so pointless.

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About Me

About Me

gypsy dog and me outside

Hi, and welcome to my blog Always Overthinking It. I named my blog that because I’m constantly overthinking everything. Also, I’m really good at worrying about crazy scenarios that are probably never going to happen. It’s fun. My name is Tara and it’s pronounced Tear-uh like tear a piece of paper, not Tar-uh. I was born in Kansas City, MO, but was raised in Moscow, Idaho. After living on the road for a few months with my husband (read about that here) in the Los Angeles area, we finally moved to Davis, California. I’m much more partial to the rain and reasonable traffic.

strawberry mojito recipe always overthinking it

I blog about anything from recipes (go here) to crafts to stories about me pretty much failing at life (like here, here and here).

I started blogging as a creative outlet to share photos and write. I’ve loved writing (and wanted to be a writer) for as long as I can remember, but apparently I’m a huge chicken because I majored in mechanical engineering instead (read about that here). I started this blog while I was still working as an engineer as a way to cope with missing being creative. After a few years of working in the engineering industry, I finally admitted to myself that what I really wanted to do was write. I worked for a women’s lifestyle blog as a writer/photoshop guru/social media monkey but quit when my Editor-in-Chief left. (That’s a long story, you can read some about that here if you want). Now I work with infants in a daycare center.

b and gypsy at the beach always overthinking it

My husband asked me to refer to him as “B” on this blog, so I do. Our dog, Gypsy, so far doesn’t seem to mind me using her full name.

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I love writing, reading, cooking, taking pictures, crafting, exploring, rock climbing, hiking and going on adventures. I’m a terrible dancer, but I make videos of me dancing anyway (watch here). Oh, I’m also a 500-hour certified yoga teacher. I’m really good at jigsaw puzzles, I love Harry Potter and I have a habit of talking to much.

Please email me at alwaysoverthinkingit [at] gmail [dot] com if you have any questions, want to work with me, or just want to say “hi!”

4 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. Amy

      Hi! I stumbled across your blog and just love it! I am also a Missouri girl living in L.A.!

        1. Tara Post author

          That’s awesome! Thanks for saying hi and for dropping by (that rhyming was unintentional).

    1. Sarah

      All I can think about is `there is a Moscow in America???`

        1. Tara Post author

          Haha yes!! Although it’s pronounced moss-co, not moss-cow like the Russian one. Super confusing that it’s spelled the same 🙂

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10 Things I Wouldn’t Try Once

punch a baby always overthinking it

10 things i wouldn’t try once

Do you want to know what expression I hate (please say yes)? “I’d try anything once.” This expression is such bullshit. Have the people saying this expression thought through every possible scenario and decided that there’s really literally nothing they wouldn’t try? Because I highly doubt it. In fact, I can think of at least 10 things that I wouldn’t even try once and the next time someone uses this expression, I’m going to go through this checklist. Feel free to take it in case you know someone who uses this expression.

10 Things I Wouldn’t Even Try Once:

1. Heroin.
2. Have sex with someone who knowingly has Ebola.
3. Punch a baby in the face. Or just intentionally try to hurt a baby in any way.
4. Drown a kitten.
5. Taste poop.
6. See if I can withstand getting hit by a moving car.
7. Bring a bomb/gigantic bag of cocaine to an airport to see if I could make it through security.
8. Go to a really dangerous part of town and try to start a fight by being racist or offensive.
9. Let a tarantula crawl on my face.
10. Close my eyes while driving on the 405 for a full minute and see what happens.

I’m sure you’re probably reading these and thinking “Well maybe I’d do that for the right price,” and to that I say that’s not how the game works. The expression is not “I’d try anything once for the right amount of money.” Plus, the fact that you would punch a baby in the face for the right price means you’re a horrible human being and really you probably have been secretly wanting to punch a baby in the face and what is wrong with you??

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6 thoughts on “10 things i wouldn’t try once”

    1. hena tayeb

      that was hilarious.. i wouldn’t try any of that even if someone paid me.

        1. Tara Post author

          Thanks hena! Haha me either!!

    1. Robin

      I wouldn’t try any of those things!Once a stray cat had kittens in our stroller. I hate animals and am very heartless, so I wanted to be rid of them. Whim moved one off our property (the plan was to move them so the mom would follow). They all screamed so much it made us queasy. The mom ran and brought it back and we left them. So people who think they could drown a kitty probably couldn’t even do it.

        1. Tara Post author

          Me either, Robin!OMG. This story is hilarious. I can’t believe you hate animals! That’s funny. I’m not a huge cat person, but kittens are pretty cute (although not newborns… they’re ugly). I love that you have a story to back up why drowning a kitten would be hard. You’re too funny!

    1. Ronnie

      Wait, What is the baby is a real jerk? Do you get a pass then?

        1. Tara Post author

          Haha! I don’t think babies can be jerks, can they? Toddlers, though. We can compromise with toddlers 🙂

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